Company Background

uc-smartenergy background

uc-smartenergy delivers smart solutions for sustainable energy. It attempts to provide innovations in technical, economical, product concept and marketing and business model fields. It aims to launch innovations in the market that improve the future for all in a way that makes business sense for all involved.

uc-smartenergy is a company started by Marnix Vlot. He has had a long career with Philips Reseach and TV where he was director of Digital TV. He has a Master of Business in Energy Management from TU Delft Toptech.

uc-smartenergy is a tradename of UC-Connect based in Fleminglaan 5, 5644DJ Eindhoven, Netherlands, and is registered under number 17258741 with the Dutch “Kamer van Koophandel” in Eindhoven. You can reach us on +31-634309034 or use the contact form ┬áto send us a message.