Climate Protection May Cut World GDP 4% by 2030

The economic balance between abatement and damage due to temperature rise has been computed again. Seems the climate may cost us 4% of GDP. This is what the UN in collaboration with economists have devicesd.

This may not be the right perspective: it is far too conservative, it takes too little account of the fact that if we emit too much CO2 the earth changes (mostly for the worse) which we will never get back. The cost of that is almost immeasurable by definition, especially considering the fact that we have to give up a very large part of all the prime real estate, buildings etc. in coastal areas. In addition we overestimate the cost: humans are so much more inventive than we think. Who could have imagined 3..4 years ago that PV would be competitive to coal in India in a few years and that on-shore wind is competing with shale gas in the US. And that was just a half-hearted attempt at trying to do something about climate issues. There are so many things we can so to conserve energy, some of them with payback times of 30 years: but hey: houses (in Europe) have an average life of 80 years. And conservation in industry offers even more opportunities.

This is a NatGeo picture of the impact of sea level rise for Europe:


Climate Protection May Cut World GDP 4% by 2030, UN Says – Bloomberg.

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