EPA/Energy Star appliances encourage smart-grid functionality

Smart appliances are becoming mainstream in the USA. Maybe the general impression in Europe is that the US is trailing in energy efficiency but Energy Star is a world trend-setting initiative, and smart energy efficient appliances driven by the almost largest market in the world will become a trend in the rest of the world. Though domestic appliance markets do have a distinctly regional character; the underlying technology will  quickly become very cheap thus benefitting rollout in all regions. This is big news.

energy star


The Energy Star v5.0 specification addresses cooling appliances: refrigerators, freezers and combi equipment of various subversions (with and without icemakers, automated defrosting. The smart energy appliance functions required are:

  • Open communications platform or providing an adaptation of some kind to this extent.
  • Open specification for exchange of energy consumption data, operational status, user messages, and demand response user control.
  • Ability to report demand response status and at least 2 types of warning messages regarding reduced energy efficiency of the appliance
  • Ability to delay the defrost function to “off-peak” hours
  • Reduce load for a “delay period” with at least 13%
  • Brief reduction of max. 10 minutes to 50% of regular energy consumption

For all DR functions including authorizing control policies the user remains in full control.

Have a look at the uc-smartenergy white papers on this topic .

EPA/Energy Star appliances encourage smart-grid functionality – FierceSmartGrid.

The specification can be found on energystar.gov

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