Linkedin Group Smartgrids NL

uc-smartenergy made a contribution to a meeting of the Linkedin group of Smartgrids NL. Many positibve reponses were received. Here you can find an overview of the presentations held during the meeting, including the uc-smartenergy one.

uc-smartenergy contribution starts with the buying process of smart appliances by consumers. These can register their appliance and enable smart energy services using their smart phone. The example of Whirlpool’s new Sixth Sense Live domestic appliance range was used. It shows what a simple billing approach could look like and how this can be realized by offering smart energy services from one one from multiple energy suppliers. Under reasonable assumptions this can even be realized without smart meters. The scheme fits seamlessly into the present way actual energy use is split amoung energy suppliers.×3-negen/#!

Here you can find more information of Whirlpool Sixth SenseLive  equipment:

Review Whirlpool Sixth Sense Live

And here is more information on Whirlpool Sixth Sense Live:


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