New buzz: Transactive Energy

There is a new buzz in town: Transactive Energy. It is new in a not so new way: it tries to tie (real time) prices to energy as it travels through the network. Not unlike power matcher: see the Flexible Power Alliance as a promotional organization and the TNO website for more technically oriented background. However, so far  it is not so easy in powermatcher to make the real time prices “real”. What would be real price be: should the price be the “balance market price” (at least in the Netherlands this is a functional electricity market)? But what about all that elecrticity bought on the APX and in over the counter contracts? So pricing electricity to end consumers based on real time issues is far trickier than it seems. Maybe the utilities in the USA that are promoting Transactive Energy have found a flexible pricing scheme that works in practice.


Smart Grid Innovation and Transactive Energy | The Energy Collective.

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