The Real Casualties of Global Warming Probably Haven't Been Born Yet

Somewhat off track 🙂 MIT Technology Review article: climate change from the perspective of philosophy and morals in the form of a review of 3 books on the topic. Not the easiest reading material but it does offer some sobering reflection on our will to really tackle this problem, the moral hazard of CCS and geo-engineering. Reading all three books requires a really passive and long holiday I guess.

As a personal perspective, inspired by John Broome I would like to add the perspective of the almost direct deaths in Beijing from smog (off the scale of the regular air polution meters) as a counter weight to the high moral view of the cost we incur on future generations. Apparently humanity cannot even solve it’s immediate polution problems, let alone it’s longer term ones. Or is this a matter of prosperity: when can we afford the luxury of considering the long term arguments.

The Real Casualties of Global Warming Probably Havent Been Born Yet | MIT Technology Review.

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