USA Bible on Energy Storage fully updated

The US government has recently updated a report on the application of storage technology in grid systems that is considered a bible. At least given it’s size it has a right to that claim.

The report gives a lot of details on the various (potential) applications of storage technology in electricity grids like time shifting from low to high tariff periods, defer building new generation capacity and various ancillary services like balancing,spinning and non-spinning reserve capacity, voltage support, black start and some other variants.

Various technologies are reviewed including pumped storage, compressed air, flywheel and the usual electro chemical storage technologies. Cryogenic storage and power to gas seem to be missing (the latter may well be USA gas price influenced). The data includes cost: the most crucial issue in many applications.

The report has a methodology section for evaluating projects with storage and a procurement and installation section to address business models, regulation, project timing, procurement options, testing and commissioning and safety.

The full 300+ pages report can be downloaded here. Below is the overview figure of storage technology application (size versus discharge time / main application domain).

Storage cost

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