Smart Energy

Business Concepts for Smart Appliances

uc-smartenergy is developing concepts for developing the entire business chain for smart white good appliances. uc-smartenergy is establishing working relations with stakeholders in the business chain of domestic smart energy and the white goods industry.

The following business development services are offered:

uc-smartenergy offers various technical services technical services for developing smart domestic appliances.

App design        Protocol design      Appliance design

Smart Energy

Request our whitepaper (dutch) and presentation (dutch) on this topic.

Smart energy

The general concept of smart energy for domestic appliances (white goods specifically) has been thoroughly investigated.

uc-smartenergy is publishing free white papers on this emerging field of business. Here you will find the overview .

An in depth report on the economic aspects of demand response for domestic appliances is also available. A  summary of the report  is available for free, a full report is available on request.

Smart Energy Business

Energy trading strategies & business models

Monetizing the energy consumption flexibility of smart energy appliances is a non-trivial affair. Both day-ahead market as well as balance market applications should be considered. Business model and trading strategies for both are available, utilizing the specific flexibilities of the smart energy appliances optimally. Where and when operationally available local grid constraints can be made part of the smart grid optimization and monetization options. Request more information.

Whitegoods business model

Whitegoods business model

The successful launch of smart white goods requires a positive business case for the white goods manufacturer as well as a maximum added value for the consumer. A prototype smart phone app has been developed that explores various options in this field. A limited version is available for evaluation. A full evaluation version can be made available to partners.