Smart Energy Appliance Technology

Smart Energy Appliance Technology

uc-smartenergy is offering technical services to assist the development of smart domestic appliances in various key areas. These services offer the key concepts, specification and key technical design decisions whitegood manufacturers need to make in order to succesfully launch products and complementary IT services.

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uc-smartenergy offers various  services for developing the business aspects of smart energy appliances:

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App design

Protocol design

Appliance design

Application Design

uc-smartenergy delivers services at specification and design level for smart phone and web based applications for white goods and other smart energy applications. The design concept creates  optimal value based on various  functionalities and technical solutions. The selected technology permits high performance on the most basic platforms even in a browser based approach. Request more information here.

Protocol design

The design of a appropriate communication protocol and corresponding  functional partitioning between appliance and cloud server functionality is available. uc-smartenergy offers services to tune this protocol to the requirements of the appliance and the network environment the appliance is operating in. Request more information here.

Concepts for smart energy appliances

The construction options for smart energy appliances are non-trivial. A very low system cost approach is available based on existing appliance electronics. At the smart grid system level concepts  with and without smart meters are supported. Request more information here.